Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Draconian Blog Hunt

Hello Readers all! Hearken to the Wyvern's Den!
My apologies for not posting in so long, but we have had a few malfunctions with the Draconian Letters; including a nefarious zebra, a narcoleptic insomniac, and a pound of cherry preserve, but some on that later.
I have created this post as a fun offshoot of a scavenger hunt, which will span the entire data pages of Iron Wyvern, where you will be given the name of  Dragon, and must link it with his/her title. When the 'scavenger hunt' is finished, the reward will be...I'll tell you after..
The name you must link with it's title IIIIS!.....Swamptongue the....!....... A capricious all-time employee of Laziness, and permanent resident of Yovi, the Dragon may be hard to find, but that's just the point!


  1. Swamptongue the Stupid.

    Thanks for letting us know what's going on. I like this scavenger hunt!

  2. sorry Sarah, but that incorrect. I may have made a cle5rical error in a letter, but the original mention may take a little longer
    -Z Baner

  3. Swamptongue the Fool, then. You're right, it did take quite a bit longer. It was all the way back in letter ten.

  4. Good job, Sarah! I'll post tomorrow with the results and the prize...