Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog Hunt Results

Dear readership!
I am afraid to say that the Draconian Blog Hunt has already been solved! Cursifications, I thought it would taker longer...
Anyway! The winner of the first ever Draconian Blog Hunt is the Follower known to some...shrouded in mystery and spray cheese...SARAH!!!!!
Congratulations, Sarah! You definitely have a trigger finger for blog searching, and I am happy to show you the prize..which is.............
A DRACONIAN "KISS THE CARNIVORE" APRON!!!..Oops, sorry, wrong patent.
Your real prize, sarah, is; you are entitled to name a Draconian Criminal to be mentioned in the next letter to be posted! Which will be pretty soon, providing we concentrate our combined laptops to thresh out a good letter!
Beware the ricocheting calamari.....They stick in your teeth...
-Baner .1


  1. Coolness! Thanks a bunch!
    I don't have time to think up a good name now, but I'll let you know what I come up with soon.
    Thanks again!

    1. How does 'Ferigar the Blunt' sound?

  2. Sounds traumatic, aut to fit in nicely, great name!
    -Z Baner