Saturday, October 27, 2012

Exclusive Fantasy Interview

Interviewer: J.T.Z Baner
Interviewee: Sanguinox the Vampire

J.T.Z: Well hello Mr. Sanguinox, as you know, we would all love to here your first hand analysis of—

Sanguinox: Its Sangueenox.

J.T.Z.Baner: Say what?

Sanguinox: I said its Sangueenox, not Sanguinox.

J.T.Z: But the script clearly states that—

Sangueenox: Foolish human! Do you think I care of such mundane things a typed out script. Now, it’s Sangueenox.

J.T.Z: All right Mr. Sangueenox. Could you tell—

Sangueenox: Its Sanguinox.

J.T.Z: But you just said-!-

Sanguinox: I was misquoted clearly.

J.T.Z: (Here follows a spout of inhuman squeaks and growls as Baner attempts to control himself) FINE! Sangueenox, could you tell our listeners please, how—

Sangueenox/Sanguinox: Its Sanguinox.

J.T.Z: Listen Sangueenox, I will shove this microphone so far up your-!-

Sanguinox/Sangueenox: You wouldn’t dare, puny human.

J.T.Z: Oh, you have no idea what I wouldn’t dare, boyo. I even brought along some garlic in case just something like this occurred.

Sanguinox/Sang(whatever): Hmmm, I wondered why my hair wilted. And by the way; it’s Sanguinox.


(We cannot continue this interview sadly, for, shortly after the gesticulations above, J.T.Z. Baner went into cranial meltdown and started chewing on his tape recorder)

Please enjoy your weekend.