Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review on The Rogue Crew by Brian Jacques

I write this review for all the people out there who revere the Redwall saga. I can say only good things about the last book in Brian Jacques’s series, and can express only mourning for his passing several months ago. And, saying this, let us begin this review.
Fortunately for anyone who hasn’t read The Rogue Crew, Brian Jacques has managed to make a series that can be picked up at any book in the middle with minimum stats of “Who the heck is this guy?” and “What does he mean ‘Martin’?” 
Well. First off, the characters. My personal favorite, though there are many other ones to enjoy reading about, are Rake Nightfur, the ebony highland hare, with his twin claymores and swash buckling Scottish accent. 
This story though, introduces something new in the Redwall books. It seems that Mr. Jacques has put more detail into his writing, for example he actually gives names to several of the mystery concoctions that the sea rats drink, though that we could have done with out if you know what I mean. 
Also, he puts in many more elements then usual, many more songs in the margins, and several more evil characters than it seems possible to have n it. And the magic of it all is how he fits it all together into one glorious appendage of reading material.
As you can see, I could go on all day with Mr. Jacques’s stupefying and marvelous finally to his series. But I’ll just put a few other reviewing materials in. 
Another thing that baffles me is how easily it seems to Mr. Jacques to create names for his characters. I mean, Empraqueen Dukwina, Rake Nightfur, Uggo Wiltud, I ask you, that’s not just skill, it supernatural! 
As I’ve said before the story is spectacularly well put together, with smidgens of info on the sides that just make it better. 
It mat seem apparent that I’m babbling, but I just want to give you the right idea of mr. Jacques’s books, not like a few reviewers that I could mention that give unfair and unsightly materials on his amazing books. 
Well, I think I’d better put a sock in it before I give away the entire book to you! Hope you enjoy the book, and all the others in the Redwall series. 
Until the next post. 
Review by Biggofan O. Jakes 


  1. I love the Redwall series! I grew up reading them :)

    1. I was read them by my Dad growing up. Excellent child-stimulant.

    2. Definitely! :) His writing style is amazing! Even though they are children's books, adults can enjoy them too.