Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Weekly Draconian, 10/8/14. Issue #7.

Abandoned Theme Park Purchased By Multibillionaire

Columnist: Glen Greenscale

Editor: Krala the Terror

Authorities have it that the multibillionaire draconian legend, Belligast the Boldest, has recently purchased an abandoned themepark in North Yovi.
Deemed too dangerous for public use, Mirakulus the Mad's Flying Carnival Themepark was shut down over eight years ago after a frenzied lawsuit filed by soccer dragons in fear for their hatchlings' safety. Since then, the abandoned complex has been neglected and fallen into serious disrepair. About four years ago, however, the property was repurchased by Erilikk the Mistaken, a young real estate agent, who hoped it could eventually turn a profit.
Well, it seems that day has come. Reclusive multibillionaire Belligast the Boldest has bought the property for 600 tons of gold. Erilikk, previously a reviled real estate agent whom nobody wished to do business with, has now finally made a great sale, and is filing with the courts to have his title officially changed to "the Opportunistic." (Whatever floats his boat, we here at the Draconian say).
Belligast the Boldest is the most legendary dragon in the world. Seventy-three years ago, after his long and famed career of death and destruction, he retreated into seclusion in the Northwestern province of Hrath, effectively retiring. Now, in his old age, it appears that he is venturing into the business world, apparently seeking to further his wealth. But why?
Dana the Talented, author of The Best Biography of Belligast the Boldest, comments on the motives behind his business ventures:
"Many have different theories on what Belligast is up to. Some say that in his old age he wants to make money to fund charities. Others believe there may be a more scandalous reason. Perhaps he is saving up to aid some secret grandchildren when he passes on," she speculates. "I, on the other hand, believe he just really wants that theme park reopened."

-Reporting for The Weekly Draconian,
Glen Greenscale

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