Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Post Primarily Pertaining Powerful Prose and Paramount....P-information

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello! And we're back in the Wyvern's Den! So, lets get started with the pinformation.
You may say to yourself, 'they're great (really incredibly awesome, really. Really), they can write like schizophrenic Dragons and sometimes even like everyday human procrastinators (that's skill).....'
The answer is YES! And we shall demonstrate in glorious Blu-ray and extended bonus features in five days time! On November 1st we shall unveil, reveal, enlighten and otherwise sell the screenplay of our newest alliterative project...
Water Under the Bridge!
Yet another three close relations shall bombard an innocent child with all sorts of advice, life lessons, and mind melting plot twists, war stories, and all that sort of thing.
The plan for the deployment of each letter will be twice a week, while our other posts shall continue to be thrown in, including some all new trollkind benefiting features.
Our Trollish characters, Bingo, Ferdy and Ferkil shall soon blow your mind! And please, I beg of you, just this once (sob), enjoy it...
Comment with your suggestions for changes to the blog concerning Water Under The Bridge. Anything goes, and don't forget,
Մի լինել կոռեկտ, դա վատ է ձեզ համար

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