Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Two Letter Twenty-One; Draconian Contest No.2

Hello again to all who read this, and the spiraling void of writings and installations that is the Wyvern's Den. As our last contest was such a success (with Rob Thacker naming a Dragon and Semithino's compatibility with the namesake in previous letters), I thought it would be enjoyable to publish yet another of these contests. This time the winner of the contest has the choice of either naming a Dragon, OR giving a name to a province that we must use in our next letters.
The question for the contest is similar to our last, you must name a Dragon's title that we shall give only his or her name. if one does so, then they will be victorious and will be able to name ether a Dragon or a Province.
QUESTION: What is that title of one Barbung the ______?
If no one guesses in three days, I will publish a hint, so to concievably continue the contest.
Below I have published Semithino's latest letter in this blog. I hope you enjoy it while you think over the contestant question.


A.S. (Ante Scriptum) I hear that your uncle Scaligar has ceased to use the phrase “It has come to my attention” to begin his letters. As it is no longer being used, I shall now begin my letters with this phrase.

My Dearest Nephew,

It has come to my attention that you had what must have been in an incredibly traumatizing experience at the T.E.N.N.I.S. rally the other day. How could the organizers of the Sprinkler Appreciation Day have been so moronic as to schedule their celebration and the opening of their museum on the very day of (and across the street from) the T.E.N.N.I.S. rally? Oh wait, our uncle was in charge.
Anyway, my condolences to you on the subject of the rally, I was watching from a half-mile away with an enchanted telescope and I saw it all. That last explosion reminded me of a fire-breathing contest set up between Browski the Hammered and Purgutt the Perpetually Intoxicated, Perhaps I shall tell you the story some other time.
By the way, have you ever played chess against a goat? As I write this letter, I am being bested in chess by the Ukrainian mountain goat that I had to rescue after that fight between your uncles the other day. He is a genius! No matter what move I make, he counters it with nothing but a brief, superior ‘blah-ah-ah’ which I suspect may be a goat chuckle. Oh did I mention that I put his Wanderwyrm painting up on the market? Well I did. The current estimated bid is unprintable as it might take a few more pages to slot in all the numbers. Plus I might run out of ink.
I have hung a few of my friends painting up on the walls of my cave (Really, they are inspiring works of art, truly bedazzling) and they have transformed the place. I must find a name for my friend. I cannot simply call him “the goat” can I? it would be ideal if he could tell me the name he already has, but I cannot translate the sounds he makes and the only language he writes in is completely beyond the reach of my, or any of my friends’, language studies. I suspect he may have created a new and advanced written language.
Anyway, my condolences once again about the rally and farewell until the next letter,
-Your servant, mentor and uncle,


  1. I know the answer, but I'm really bad at making up names, so I'll pass on this one. :)

  2. Impressive goat. O_o I'm not sure of the answer, but I'll get back to you as soon as I figure it out.