Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Weekly Draconian

It was always fun to write a fantasy paper on the Wyvern, a Weekend Disaster Post here, then a Weekly Post there. But none of them have ever tied into the Draconian Letters in the merest of fashion senses.
What is best about The Weekly Draconian, is that it knits in seamlessly (was that a knitting metaphor?) with the letters! 
Here today, we get our first look at the first of many Weekly Draconian posts. In this one below the scene is set after what the uncles have done at and to the once-home of Smok, and later the base of the invading Drakes.
The next letters will feature the retrospective writings of our three protagonist Dragons, each entailing his part in the story, and uncovering the mysteries in this post....
Ladies and Gentlemen, Invertebrates and Mammals, let me welcome you to the very first post in THE WEEKLY DRACONIAN!!!!!!!!!

Columnist: Brett Sorethumb
Investigative Journalist: Sardina the Inquisitive

Mystery Explosions on inland Province: At dawn the morning after the day which this is centered on the day after, a budding disturbance woke several provincial inhabitants surrounding the coastal province of (name unsure).
            The kafuffle first began with a few distant shouts, the ominous sound of a twanging harp, and then an explosion that rocked the ground and the shockwave that followed knocked several Skyway flyers out of the airspace.
            News companies came on scene several minutes after the community notified them of the disturbance, head-journalist Sardina investigated, accompanied by squire-journalist Pinbee the Vertically Challenged.
            Upon arrival at the untouched scene of the explosion, which had been the recently vacated home of Smok the Unsure (several Dragons have listed complaints at this name, including one Truebotox).
            The cave mouth and interior had been wrecked to within an inch of its life, while the noise of the twanging harp was quickly solved by Pinbee, who broke his lower left claw toe falling over it.
            Amongst the wreckage, several stunned Drakes were found, along with several implements besides the harp, including a splintered Draconian crossbow, a dress slathered with war paint, and, most unusual of all, a Bung mallet accessorized with an elemental pearl.
            These artifacts have been taken in for questioning, along with the Drakes, save for the Bung mallet, which mysteriously disappeared; the police base’s wall being ripped off and an unknown Dragon carrying it off notwithstanding.
            The all pervading question is why? Why was the cave blown up, why were such strange objects found amid the dregs and dross? And who? Who could and would do such a phenomenal and unusual thing?
            Journalists still investigating, this case will be one of the most riveting ever published, no one will know how it ends; definitely not.
      Brett Sorethumb,
Executive Reporter and Columnist

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  1. AWESOME! :D I very much enjoy these weekly posts...