Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mega Riddling Derby

Today, to make a Riddling Derby even more interesting, we're gonna expand it. In the past, we have only published three riddles, this exclusive Derby will feature twice that, and include a puzzle concerning the Draconian Letters!

Riddle Ichi: What can one not keep, two hold, and three destroy?

Riddle Ni: I'm tall when I'm young and short when I'm old.
What am I?

Riddle San: How can a pocket be empty but still have something in it?

Riddle Shi: What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

Riddle Go: You are in a house, there is no chimney, and neither doors nor windows, how do you get out?


Riddle Roku:  How many months have twenty-eight days?


Trubodox practices Indian war cries while in the bath pool, Scaligar steals his towels, and Semithino puts ice in Trubodox's bath.

Draconian Riddle:
What is the name of the province that Belligast the Boldest controls?

Comment with your answers, thoughts, and political statements.


  1. Shi: Short....I thought it became shorter when you add two letters though.
    Roku: ...all of them?

  2. Yes, sorry about that, I've polished it over, now its 'shorter'

  3. Ichi: A secret?
    Ni: A candle
    San: The person's hands are in it?
    Shi: Short
    Roku: all of them.

  4. Ni: A candle
    San: It has a hole in it
    Go: Walk out the empty doorway
    Roku: All of them