Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Two Letter Forty-Three

Dear Smok,

You’ve dragged me back against my will, I see that, but my noble nature could not be contained in light of what happened when I was crying on your lawn happened by your old cave on a midnight glide.

Anyway, while I was so forthing, I spotted a fair Draconian maiden making her way to the cave’s entrance. Wiping my eyes on some ferns Intending to warn her no one was home, I landed close behind her as silently as a greased pig for no apparent reason, and almost spoke to her when suddenly a ferocious Yovian Drake wearing pantaloons leapt from the cave mouth and grabbed the maiden, carrying her back into the cave.

        I of course was horrified, and; attempting to enter the cave was strongly rebuffed by a pair of muscle strapped Drakes, yelling single syllable war cries that seemed to be a custom.

        After being thrashed like a rug making a tactical retreat, I located a window (skylight, whatever) in the side of the cave, and attempted to force my way in. After I nearly broke my neck, I decided instead to spy, intent on collecting information on how to rescue the fair damsel trapped inside.

        Yo-Yo games?! What I saw inside the cave was almost to scarring to recount. The maid was standing in the midst of a cavorting mass of monosyllabic Drakes yelling in Morse code, binary code, and dancing the Macarena to a funeral march being played by a Drake with a musical saw.

        The Yo-Yos came in when the Drakes got bored with their blasphemy against popular dancing, and lined up for the Yovi native game of ‘Yo-Yo Yonkers’. Their own mix of dodge ball, Ti Chi, and professional wrestling.

        Whilst this went on, the maiden--you’ll never believe this Smok but I believe it was Limmie the Mildly Cute!--stood on the sidelines weeping her snout off. It may have looked to the untrained eye that she was laughing, but my eyes are hardened by years of being smart and stuff.

        This is getting serious, Smok, why didn’t you tell her you’d moved?! Or maybe you did so you could get your implacable uncle back in the game.

        Well, you’ve succeeded; my irrepressible bravery cannot be withheld whilst a fare damsel is in danger.

        TO HORSE!!!

        I shall be in contact,

Your massively courageous uncle,


        Trubodox the Scarlet


P.S. Never try to find a horse big enough for a Dragon to ride, it ends badly.

P.P.S. I shall now plan my rescue of Limmie.

P.P.P.S. Does Drakemart sell Dynamite?
Here's something we might start up sooner then later...A weekly newspaper that goes on in the Draconian world....called the Weekly Draconian, which will tie in to the present events happening around the three scaled uncles! Comment and tell us what you think.


  1. Ooh, the Weekly Draconian sounds cool! And I cannot wait to find out what happens when Trubodox decides to rescue Limmie. xD

    1. Fabulous! In fact, the Weekly Draconian will most likely tie into the final stages of the story!