Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Riddling Ogre Derby

Greetings! And welcome to the next Derby de Riddle, except, this day; we do it differently.
As you have noticed, we were unable to post the final installment of the Riddle Ogre story, due to complications involving smelly socks, anonymous computer nerds, and a very fat gerbil.
However, now we are working hard on finishing the Ogre-oriented Novella, and we give you a chance to have a part in this final section of the story, as their will obviously be no poles at the end of the story.
Here're the rules:
In this unit addition to the Riddling Derby saga, we shall post a series of riddles, and whoever solves most or even all of them, will be allowed to…(commence rising tide of suspenseful music)…Name the character that Ander meets in the starting pages of the Finale Installment.
If you are brave enough, read the riddles below and see if you can rise to the occasion. If you are not, we shall mash you up and feed to our pet Wyvern. Let us begin….

(Challenging) Riddle Alpha: What do you get when you cross an Automobile with a household animal?

(Hard) Riddle Beta: YYURYYUBICURYY4me

(Hardest) Riddle Gamma: My First is in Hound, but not in Dog. My Second is in Woof, but not in Dark. My Third is in Whine, but not in Whimper. My Fourth is in Muzzle, but not in Mutt. My Fifth is in Puppy, but not in Cur.
What am I?

There you go, three riddles that, if answered correctly, shall give you power unimagined over the story to come.
(Hints are available for a flattering person who buys stock in starbursts)


  1. My best guess for #1 is road kill. #2 Too wise you are too wise you be, i see you are too wise for me. #3 Honey.