Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Riddle Ogre Sneak Peak...

Come one, come two, come many, come all! To the latest wrinkle in the geriatric face of Iron Wyvern (I'm feeling poetic, humor me)!
Due to a jump in productivity, the Riddle Ogre FINALE is coming along well, and should be finished by posted by midnight on Sunday, give or take a moon or two.
And so I have decided to publish a snippet of the writing as a sneak peak to show you slightly of what is to come in the final installment of….dun-dun…The Riddle Ogre

...The figure’s body drifted closer, a phantom pushing through the darkness towards Ander’s prostrate form.
            A dull crack of metal, a low but vehement swear word. The form had stepped on his broken phone. At least the thing wasn’t a ghost.
         Mobilized suddenly by the figure’s hesitation atop his phone, Ander scooted backwards, flailing his left foot out wildly in a vacillating kick.
         His heel contacted with something hard and nobly, like a knee. It discharged like the crack of a rifle, and the figure howled in evident pain, and swayed backwards away from Ander, swearing as it tumbled.
         Crawling to his feet, Ander raced at the hunched figure, his riddle book raised like a grenade


Ah, but that's not all. That was only the peak at the beginning. Now I shall uncover an exclusive look at a spot in the midst of the paragraphs, what will it uncover, what will it show?!….

...Reeling slightly at the boy' puncture of his lie, Ander barely realized that his accent had changed from British to a dull drawl. Before he could reply, the boy spoke again, this time back in his British accent.
         If you must know, chap, my name's Edwin. Edwin Nigma, if you're interested in sir names."
          His sentence was finalized by the soft implosion of the match head, dousing Ander and the boy into a well of hungry shade…


Tell us what you think in the comments, and lets see if you like the whole thing on Sunday.

J.T.Z. Baner

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  1. Loving it so far. Can't wait to read more of Edwin Nigma and finally meet the Ogre.