Monday, July 29, 2013

Twelfth Riddling Derby Results

Greetings once more, Followed and friends! I come not to glorify the Derby, but to bury it. You came, you saw, you solved the riddles.
 And now, i give out the prize to the winner of the Twelfth Riddling Derby!!!
Congratulations, Juliet! Incredible solving! You get the blog's highest award for genius....unfortunately, due to inflation, the invisible wreath of victory iis now the immaterial wreath of victory! But you remain the champion, and new coming hero to the Riddling Derby!
lets run through the answers before we go, just to even them up.

Riddle I: What has been around for millions of years, but is only ever a month old? The moon. [As answered by Juliet Lauser]

Riddle II: I cover what is real and hide what is true, but sometime I bring out the courage in you. What am I? Makeup. [No one answered this but personally I don't blame them, I didn't really understand the truth in it.]

Riddle III: What has a tongue that can't taste, a throat that can't swallow, eyes that can't see, and a soul that will never die? A shoe. [As answered by Angrod Carnesir]

Riddle IV:  I am tall when I'm young, and short when I'm old. What am I? A candle. [As answered by Juliet Lauser]

There we are! All written up! Now congratualtions again to Juliet Lauser! Thank you all for participating and I hope to see you in the next post!
Oh, and don't forget to comment on what creature you want in the Weekend Disaster Post!
-Z Baner


  1. Congrats, Juliet!

    I vote for griffins in the Weekend Disaster Post. Or flying pigs.

  2. Good vote! I think it will be the first possibility, though aerodynamic swine would make a much better title.
    Any other suggestions, followers?
    -Z Baner