Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Two Letter Thirty-One

 A missive! A missive! A missive from whom? Why, a missive from Trubodox, my readers!!!
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My dearest, most acclaimed nephew,
It appears that I have been dethroned, abdicated and gentrified by the armies of boredom. Nothing exciting has happened for months (save for that slight misunderstanding with the Drakes, which I shall not narrate in any great detail as my superiority is boundless).
It appears that twould be most timely for your previously dematerialized mentoring to be recreated in a most contemporary fashion.
It appears, firstly, that you have partaken of an unacceptably low average of the food stuff known as Chewing Gum, this is an irreplaceably nutritious entrée, and should be ingested, to use primal terms, indiscriminately and, like, liberally.
It appears, secondly that you have done nothing apparent enough for me to continue this narrative, for this reason solely, I shall discontinue this missive forthwith and go look up some more words in the dictionary to continue on my rectified, and ethereal path of life.
It appears, that I’m saying bye.
Geekadox the Re
Truebodoks the Scarlet

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