Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Two Letter Three

My Dearest Nephew,
          I have been invited to a secret war-meeting! I received notification of the fact just the other day and am most excited. The notification was sent from the Yearlong Organization of Valiance Incorporated, and odd name I’ll grant you, but their letter is most certainly on the level, it had a fancy wax seal and everything.
The letter warned me to make this notification known to none, but I would not withhold information from you, nephew. However, do not tell your uncles, or indeed any other Dragons in your area or otherwise about the fact. A secret war-meeting, what fun!
          I have not had this much fun since your uncle Scaligar’s unseemly activities on one of his last rampages forced me to chase him down and take a bite out of his ear in the recurring fight. Perhaps he’s told you about that though. The happiness was somewhat lessened when he retaliated. Your uncle Scaligar has always been a mean little cuss, I still have the marks from that fight.
          But anyway, a delegation from the Yearlong Organization of Valiance Incorporated shall be arriving at dawn on the morrow to take me to the meeting place. Apparently I shall be blindfolded during the meeting so as to be unable to identify any of the other generals under torture. It makes perfect sense.
          The letter was very specific about what the council would be dealing with. They believe that a powerful Northern army is rising, built up of the foulest of creatures and that I and the other generals are the only Dragons able to halt it. I am most proud to have fallen under the notice of such a high organization as this one and to be chosen out of thousands of Dragons as one of the generals who shall face up this dark threat.
          Farewell until the next letter, nephew and DO NOT TELL YOUR UNCLES!
          Your servant, mentor and uncle,


  1. Uh oh...all three in the same room??? :O

    1. indubitably. it will be rather chaotic to say the least.