Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ninth Riddling Derby Results

I have decided to officially end the Ninth Riddling Derby two sunsets before the supposed allotted time it was set to be discontinued, my reasons for this are varied, including my realization that presumptions that someone else will solve another riddle is tantamount to fantasy. and so I shall accommodate the middle of posting with the solved, and unsolved answers of these riddles.

Riddle Numero Uno Solution: Tree (as answered by Taisia Tinuviel)

Riddle Numero Das Solution: Parking meter (as answered by hyperlinkzer)

Riddle Numero Tres Solution: Europe

Thank you for your page views, and I hope you enjoy your week.

Ectoplasmic kitchen utensil!!!!!.......Uh, sorry, couldn't resist, sometimes I just get the urge to--NO, J, gimme the mike back, I need my mike time, its mine, MIIINe.......


  1. Huh. Oops! Didn't see this when I commented on the last one :P How on earth did I manage that?! O.o

  2. Its one of the powers of the Blogosphere, telepathy is included, doubtless.


  3. and awed you should be, many are the powers of the temperamental blogosphere.

    One: Able to leap posting deadlines with a single bound.

    Two: Able to be as fast as a speeding bullet when wanted to wash dishes.

    Three: Able to atomize any small creature defiling the computer screen.

    Four: Can ride camels.

    FIVE: You get the picture, its abilities are great and varying, which applies mostly to the imaginative power of the blogger operating it.