Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Fiasco: Hippogriff Herd Blitzkrieg's Helpless Town

Terror (which is a vital ingredient in a good fiasco) struck the town of WeeluvTarur in the county of YezouiDo early yesterday morning when a massive contingent of Hippogriffs flew over the market square and without warning began to bombard the citizens with their own...natural projectiles.
The town's guard was no match for the smelly carpet bombing, and fled inside, while several were struck and have been marked down DIA (Defiled In Action).
After several passes over the square, each one with another bowl full of spite, the armada of intestinally malevolent Hippogriffs split into close flying groups and spread throughout the town, pinpointing fleeing towns and...depositing destruction upon them.
Eventually, the town's executives gave in to the invaders and held up a white bib in surrender.
Soon after the Hippogriff conquerors had taken hold of the town, a battalion of military pixies entered the town with intent to oust the invaders and hopefully wash up.
Taken by surprise in the town square as they refilled their weaponized stomachs, the Hippogriffs only barely managed to rebuff the pixie forces, who all wore body armor and gas masks to counteract their weapons.
Forcing the pixie's forces out of the town and into the surrounding fields, the Hippogriff herd took to the air, but fortuneately for the liberators their bowels ere not yet full with deadly missiles, and the superior maneuverability of the pixie forces soon told.
After the Hippogriffs were arrested and hoof-cuffed, they were transported to holding cells in the Rocky Pocky Mountains, the only jail facility with restrooms strong enough to cope with the new inmates.
Several of the Fiasco's best reporters interviewed some of the survivors in WeeluvTarur, who mostly gagged about the smell, but also gave several insights into the reasons for the Hippogriffs aerial invasion.
The most popular was that "They w's j'st crazy(cough, cough)!", along with the possibility that "They'm wanted owr food, like (cough, gag)!"
We are unsure for the moment to the exact motive of the destructive invasion, but we are quite sure that it was a smashing good fiasco.

Written by Eddie von Porto'Pot and Edited by Butthurst Stinkenzout

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