Sunday, March 29, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo!

Yes indeed! J and I (Z) are embarking on Camp NaNoWriMo (T's busy) this April 1st for a voyage of words from the docks of Budding Creativeness, on which we will probably contract horrible seasickness and writer's block, but hopefully will sail straight and true to the shores of Deadline Completion.
(In other words, lets hope we finish.)
So, on the calends of April J will be trying out a new genre and writing a swath of Horror short stories including such things as dune-haunting wraiths and the Ungrateful Undead, which shall hopefully overhaul his goal of 30,000 words in one month!
I shall be writing the riveting tale of the Grimm Ledger, a book where the Brothers Grimm and other great story tellers first wrote down their tales, and if this ledger is opened and read, the fairy tales cannot be contained and will begin to recreate themselves in the modern world! This story will surely bring me to my goal word count of 25,000!
Tell us in the comments hat you think of our stories, and we'll see you at Camp!


  1. Your stories sound interesting. Good luck at Camp!

  2. I like the idea of the Grimm Ledger. Imagine the misunderstandings between two Snow Whites, one from "Snow White" and one from "Snow-White and Rose-Red". I don't know if you have that in your plans, but yeah.